Dare to Heal the Bonds Between Women


This is the task the Grandmothers gave her to work on, healing the wound between women. We have to learn the old ways from the Grandmothers, we have to bring in the young women, we have to mentor them, she said. The Grandmothers are waiting. How did the wound get there?
“The biggest betrayal has been women betraying women. One the wound between women is healed, the wound between men and women can heal; once the wound between men and women heals, the family  can heal; once the family heals, the community can heal; and once the  community heals; the world can be healed. That’s what the grandmothers say. That’s what they told me. 
This is what we can change, our part, what we as women do to each other, the ways in which we can hold each other back or help bring each other forward. We can empower each other in ways that no one else can."

Quote from The Bond Between Women,  A Journey of Fierce Compassion, by China Galland



A  woman's sense of 'less than' was established by society and is especially visible in movie Battle of the Sexes when Billie Jean King won the tennis match in 1973.  We are  the inheritors of a deliberately created 'inferiority', less pay for equal work is  just one example.   This "put down' energy  has in many ways become unconscious and it is from this place that we women damage each other, even if it's just in our thoughts.  It takes real vigilance to stay awake in ourselves and not join in what is a cultural aberration, this undermining of women.  

Let's hold true to this truth.

My friend, my sister, my mother, my coworker, all require my support and respect in order to flourish.

Her success is mine. This  is the BIG WORK.