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Dare to Create Your Studio



Your studio can spring up anywhere. Don't let space hold you back. It can be in a backyard shed or a guest room takeover, or a kitchen table equipped with paintbrushes, rolling pin, pen or whatever your creative tools may be. 

Your tools will tell their own story. Even paint tubes can be revealing. Most of mine are missing their tops and are half-empty as I grab a full tube while caught up in a dizzying moment of creation. What would my mother say?

Brushes too. Mine take a beating. I wash them with soap and water but they often stand in water overnight between painting sessions.

My studio is an 11 x 15 with north facing light and a high ceiling. It is a room off our kitchen, very handy for keeping an eye on dinner or for making the many cups of tea required to keep things going in the studio. It has a large storage room with a bookcase, supplies and a stereo.

I paint on a wall and I hang the canvas on screws set into the studs in the wall. The work is lit with LED light. There is a rug under my feet, good for the legs for hours of standing. The floor is remarkable. Everyone who visits my studio loves my floor. It is the underflooring that was under the carpet and I painted it grey which is wonderful neutral for all the splats of colorful  paints that have randomly appeared.